Deepfakes : A threat , not for celebrities but for all .

CELEBRITY DEEPFAKES : A Threat , not for celebrities but for all




Deepfakes is one type of digital manipulation that can create an absolute close resemblance of one perticular person using images of another.

It is an example of proper misuse of AI . NOW a days many celebrities are facing problems regarding this . In recent news , one of the popular actress Rasmika Mandana is victim of this misused technology where her photo is placed in a disturbing video . This video also disturbed many bollywood celebrities like Big B Amitabh Bachhan . He came to the rescue for the acress .

The actress herself posted the original picture behind the controversy which was from before one year on her instagram page .

She debuted in kannada film “Kirik Patry”.


Also another actress katrina kaif also became victim of this ai misuse .


The Ministry of Electronics and IT  (Meity) also relayed advisories to Facebook , Instagram ,YouTube  to take down such contents .

If you find any such fake video of you then you can file a case on a website called “ “. This will remove all type of fake video of your.







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